3D miniatures of moments? Wait a moment!

Yes, we are creating 3D printed miniatures of your most beautiful objects, sceneries or moments under glass.

We can print everything you can imagine. You can put this miniature on your desk to experience that special moment every day or giving it away as a present. The result is a fantastic piece of memory. Let yourself be inspired!

For example, your house will be printed with the most modern multicolor 3D printing technology and sculptured by one of our experienced German designers with a lot of love and passion for detail. For this we are using two components; first we are using 3D printed pieces made from the data we got from you and secondly, we are using elements known from modelling like grass, trees or moss.

You know somebody you want to give his most wonderful moment as a miniature scene, so you can join this special moment again together? For instance, the boat on the coast as a 3D miniature model, the wedding day, a beautiful scenery or getting an award. Just send us the data like images and google maps coordinates of the landscape and receive a wonderful present or enjoy it for yourself.

Your moment as
3D printed miniature.
We freeze very special objects

In 3 simple steps to your own 3D moment in a glass dome!

Just click on the button and the download will start immediately.

Just send us some photos. Ideally from different perspectives.

Your photos will be processed into a 3D model and printed.
Next step is the landscape modeling.

Your printed 3D moment is firmly fixed in the glass dome.
The finished artwork will now be packed securely and shipped to you.

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